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the innovative baffles of LySaght LouVRemax™ help
minimise rainwater and sand dust penetration, while maximising natural airflow.
our new baffled louvre system has excellent water resistance in weatherability tests conducted at our Nata-registered ystem has been tested to a wind velocity of
laboratory. the s 13 m/sec with rainfall at the rate of 75 L/hr per m2 of louvre.
Rainproof design minimises space required for fans and other ventilation equipment.the air passage is designed to move the water droplets to the louvre surfaces, where they are drained away, without blocking the airflow.
airflow and pressure drop tests conducted at our Nataregistered lab at Chester hill showed a minimum pressure drop and the weather louvre test demonstrated maximum water resistance.tests were conducted generally in accordance with aS2050-1995 and aS/NZS4740-2000, based on tests conducted by australia’s CSIRo (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research organisation).the louvre system can be supplied as an assembled unit, so
that installation is quick and easy.
LouVRemax™ is available in three slat and five slat styles and
can be designed as a continuous louvre assembly and also to suit standard box sizes.LySaght LouVRemax™ is strong and durable. It is built to
perform with no trouble for many years.
LySaght LouVRemax™ ventilation system was successful in resisting water penetration during tests in our Nata-registered lab
assesories2Material Specifications
LouVRemax™ is manufactured out of 0.45 mm Bmt Zincaluminium
alloy coated ZINCaLume® steel complying with aS
1397, g300, aZ150 (300 mPa minimum yield stress, 150 g/m2
minimum coating mass) or pre-painted CoLoRBoND® steel
conforming to aS/NZS 2728 type 3-4.
(Please refer to ZINCaLume® steel and CoLoRBoND® steel brochure for details)
assesories3Dealing with Wind-borne Rain
In areas where significant wind-borne rain is possible, it is
necessary for architects and engineers to design for maximum
rain protection in the specified louvre system.
our water penetration tests reveal that our water resistant
louvres decrease water penetration by up to 33% compared to
standard louvres. LouVRemax™ water penetration resistant
designs work by creating air currents, which drive the rain onto
the louvre surface, which drains it away.


the quantity of water admitted through the water resistant louvre is less than that of standard louvres.these tests were based on a simulated wind speed of 13 m/sec.and water simulated rainwater sprayed  maintaining a discharge of 0.17 litres/second.assesories4our LouVRemax™ system is designed to produce the optimal
balance between aerodynamic performance and suitable
protection from rain penetration.the results presented in the graphs below demonstrate
conclusively that the water screening design has been coupled
with air flow characteristics which provide the best balance of




the discharge coefficient of LouVRemax™ is significantly
better than of standard louvres. a high discharge coefficient
means low air resistance and high air flow performance.the aerodynamic performance of LouVRemax™ is therefore
optimally configured.the diagrams below illustrate the slat design.assesories7assesories8



For more information, please contact: SHADOWRIB 900_12(A Division of Tata BlueScope Steel Limited)

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