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Shear Stud – Special Purpose Welding Technique

Shear stud welding is a special purpose welding Technique. It is also a type of Arc welding.


When it is required to weld shear stud to the structural members for counteracting shear load in the slab different types of the shear stud like the threaded shear stud, where the requirement is to connect additional machine part or connection is required to install the machine foundation over the slab.


Headed studs are also used for stability of RCC slab against horizontal forces during earthquake or vibration forces. Specially trained stud welders are using special purpose shear stud welding machine. The shear stud welding machines are of various types, used for specific use. CD welding machine is used for a small type of studs and drawn arc welding machines are useful for heavy diameter shear stud fixing.


Shear studs are hold in the stud gun and a very heavy current is passed through electrode in the gun. The shear stud is lifted up and current is passed, Arc is generated and the tip of the shear stud and member to which it is connected will be melted and then the stud is being fixed to the member. Current is flown in milliseconds and the process is completed. Stud ferrules are used when the stud is connected to the sheet and member. Ceramic ferrule will save the thin sheet during the melting process.


This is not a submerged Arc welding ( SAW ) shear stud designing is required for several applications. Proper earthing is required is required to pass the current and to produce Arc sometimes fasteners are also can be fixed with the shear stud welding process. Various welding types of equipment are required for different welding process and applications.