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Texture Coating

Perhaps no other surface finishing material is as versatile. Heritage Wall Texture can be applied on a variety of surfaces like cement, mortar, marine plywood, plasterboard. AC sheet and gypsum plaster. In fact, Heritage Wall Texture can be applied on any absorbent surface. Heritage Wall Texture can take on any shape – curves, contours and can be applied in nooks and corners. Heritage Wall Texture requires little preparation and saves valuable labor costs and time. A single coat application is specified in most surfaces. The Heritage Wall Texture range is available in a convenient two-pack form in the following product group. No other surface finishing material offers as much depth and texture as Heritage Wall Texture. While Heritage Wall Texture is Permanent finish, it can be easily removed, if required, with Heritage Wall Texture Removing Agent (WTRA) available.

The Range That Creates Lasting Impressions: Flakes, Granules, Metallic Granule, Granite, Stone Finishes, Natural Finishes and Super matt Paint finish, Fine Flakes and Fine Granules make the alluring Heritage Wall Texture family. The entire range of products except Metallic is available for both interior and exterior applications.

Apart from these products, Heritage Wall Texture also offers Pre-coat and Top Coat for use with the range of Heritage Wall Textures.


  • Heritage Wall Texture is suitable for Interior and Exteriors.
  • Can be customized to the user’s requirement, and a wide range catering to practically all the segments.
  • Easy to apply (Only smooth plaster requires.)
  • Saves valuable labor costs and time.
  • Washable
  • Water resistant, Weather, Fungus and Algae resistant.
  • Acid and Alkali resistant.
  • Can be applied on any absorbent surface like pop surface, asbestos, particle boards, plywood etc.,
  • Exterior grade Surface Textures are based on natural inorganic pigments and do not fade nor change color and are UV resistant.
  • MULTICOLOUR Finish in a single coat.
  • Can take on any shape. Curves, Contours and Intricate structural shapes, designs can be coated with Heritage Wall Texture with ease.
  • Hides and covers hairline cracks present in the wall.
  • Flakes coating arrests dampness / seepage present in the wall.