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SHADOWRIB™ 900 is a wall cladding profile which provides
architecturally pleasing appearance to your building. It is a
strong profile, engineered to take high wind load and pressure.SHADOWRIB 900_1SHADOWRIB™ 900 profile features a full nominal 38.1 mm
deep corrugation for extra strength. Panels are 900 mm in width
and up to 12 meters in length so wall erection occurs quickly
even on large buildings. It is available in standard thickness
options and in a wide range of attractive standard colours.MassesSHADOWRIB 900_2

Wall Features: Engineered to Last Longer


Corrosion resistant coated steel to last longer
SHADOWRIB™ 900 profile is manufactured from steel grade of
minimum yield strength of G300 (300 MPa).
The coated steel is ZINCALUME®steel which is Zinc-Aluminum
alloy coated complying with AS 1397, G300, AZ150 (300 MPa
yield stress, 150 g/m2minimum coating mass). It lasts two to four
times longer than galvanised steel in similar environment.

COLORBOND®steel conforms to AS/NZS 2728 Type 3-4. It has specifically formulated paint system for external roofing and wall cladding application to give aesthetical appearance and longlasting colour for longer time than any other conventional paint system. The paint system is designed to resistchalking andfading. 


Wide Pan Visibility

For better aesthetic looks


The wide  pan visibility gives aesthetic looks to exterior of the building. Since, the depth of rib is facing inward, it hides the screw and gives a smooth look to wall cladding.


Wide Options

Right thickness for right applications


SHADOWRIBTM900 profile is available in three general thicknesses to cover wide range of loading requirements for wall panel application.
Since the wind pressure is the most critical
factor, which governs the profile thickness and dimension,SHADOWRIB™ 900 profile allows to make the  cladding as economical as possible without compromising on the aesthetic look of the building.


Anti-Capillary Groove

Assures weather-tightness


SHADOWRIB 900_4To provide long-term weather-tightness, the profile is defined with a groove, which
is defined with a groove, which acts
acts like anti-capillary groove when
subjected to heavy rain shower.If
required for extra protection, good
quality neutral cure sealant may be placed over
this groove which acts like sealant groove. The panel side is U-bend so as to avoid direct edge visibility to the wall cladding,which not only
provides aesthetic look, but also helps in placing
the fastener to make the joint weather-tight.




Fewer Fasteners

Maintain incredible strength
Fasteners for SHADOWRIB™ 900 profile conform to AS 3566 :
2002 Class 3 Australian Standard for exposed application.
SHADOWRIB™ 900 profile is designed to need fewer fasteners
(up to 33% fewer) than most ribbed panels. Fewer fasteners
result in lower installation costs and reduced heat loss through
the wall. A variety of fastener options meet the needs of
appearance, security and economy.


A fully tested system


Our Research & Development Center performs quality control tests of roof materials and components,along with investigation of new materials, parts and processes.The use of sophisticated testing equipment enables the staff to predict actual field performance of a product and helps ensure that the roof product on your new building will stand up to weathering and age.




For more information, please contact: SHADOWRIB 900_12(A Division of Tata BlueScope Steel Limited)


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